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William M. Robertson was bound to sea as a cabin boy at about the age of eleven,
sailed all over the world, and rose to first mate, the officer who navigates the ship.

This yellowed photocopy of his long sought "Seaman's Ticket"
was found in a box at his great great grandson Donald Martin's house.

Old Photocopy of William M. Robertson's Mariner's Register Ticket


Issued pursuant to the act of 7th and 8th of Victoria, Cap 112
No. of Ticket 520, 689
Five Hundred and Twenty Thousand and Six Hundred and Eighty nine
Name William M. Robertson
Born at Arbroath in the county of Fofar
on the 9 th January 1826

Capacity Able Seaman
Height 5 ft 8 inches, Hair Brown
Complexion fair
Marks on Person none
Bearer's Signature William M. Robertson
This ticket was issued by the General Registrar and Record Office
of Seaman to the Collecting and Comptroller of Customs of the
port of Arbroath for the purposes of the above
mentioned act to wit
(signature) pro Register
issued to the above named William M. Robertson
by the Collector and Comptroller of the port
of Arbroath on the 12th March 18??
(signature) Collector
___________ Comptroller
Examined and Entered by (signature)
Note Any person writing on this ticket after it is issued is guilty of a misdemeanor


(Photo Taken about 1867-1868, probably in Canada)

The William M. and Margaret (Weir) Robertson Family
with 6 children

Anna William M. Margaret
(on lap)
(on lap)
Adam   Jane/Jennie


(Original handbill printed by Atchison, Kansas, newpaper )

Handbill Urging Emigration to Kansas

William M. Robertson

Seaman, Farmer, the "Old Stonecutter"

(Photo Taken about 1890)

The Sons of William M. and Margaret (Weir) Robertson

John George
known to Brown County
Residents as "Uncle Billy"
Adam Alexander

Elizabeth "Bessie" and Margaret (Weir) Robertson

daughter and mother

William Robertson
son of
William M. and Margaret (Weir) Robertsonborn: 18 December 1863
Grey County, Ontario, Canada

immigrated to Brown County, Kansas
with parents and siblings in 1868

worked for Frances Cushnie's father George for five years to marry Frances

Frances Cushnie
daughter of
George and Frances (Burgess) Cushnie
born: 5 August 1866
Grey County, Ontario, Canada

immigrated to Brown County, Kansas
with parents and siblings in 1869

married 3 March 1887 in Brown County, Kansas

died: 19 July 1920

died: 1 February 1953

Daughters of William and "Fannie" Robertson

Edith Frances Robertson
Margaret May Robertson


The William and "Fannie" Robertson Family

Fannie Margaret/"Maggie" Edith William

The Robertson Sisters Become Young Ladies

Edith Frances Robertson
Margaret May Robertson


1911 Tornado at the William Robertson House

(photo from Ken Beasley III)

"Next stunt the storm put on was at the Susan E. Moore and Wm. Robertson places, where much damage was done. The even, quiet life of William Robertson, pioneer of the township, had never been so ruffled. He had never been so bodily injured, leg broken and other serious bodily bruises. Mrs. Robertson, daughter Miss Edith, were badly bruised. The family had obeyed cyclone instructions, were located in the southwest corner of the basement. But when Mr. Robertson built the house he had in view the idea of keeping it, so he fastened it securely to the foundation. Hence, when this house went, the foundation did also, and it was the piling of these heavy foundation stones that pinioned the occupants down, injured them so cruelly." - The Tornado of 1911, History of Brown County, A.N. Ruley, 1 Sept 1930, Walsworth Publishing, Inc.


The Robertson Girls Become Adults

Nathan Beckwith Edith Robertson Beckwith Margaret Robertson Martin Guy Martin

Donald Martin

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