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Rees and Phillips Families in Wales who were related
to immigrant Eliza Rees Picton, wife of immigrant Stephen Picton

Rees, Phillips, Howell Map

To get oriented, the highway along the bottom is the A 40.
To the east St. Clears, a large town. San Clar is the Welsh name.

In 1851 Eliza Rees was living on the farm Dyffryn Broidyn near the village of Cwm Felin Mynach with her widowed mother and siblings. Stephen Picton was living with his parents and siblings at Monk's Mill (Felin Mynach) in Cwm Felin Mynach They were married in Ramoth Baptist Chapel in Cwm Felin Mynach on 3 July 1851. She became "Mrs. Picton" and soon started her family . Farms where the new Picton family lived, Gorsegandrill and Troedyrhiw are also shown on the Picton webpages.

Eliza Rees was the daughter of James Rees and Elizabeth Phillips Rees. In 1841 her parents and many of their children were living at Panthowell in the nearby parish of Trelech a'r Betws. Two of their children Eliza/Elizabeth and Richard Phillips, however, were living with Anne Phillips at Dyffryn Broidyn.

Eliza's father James Rees died in 1844 while he was living in Panthowel and he was buried in the Llanwinio Parish Churchyard. By 1851 widow Elizabeth Phillips Rees and her children were living at Dyffryn Broidyn. In 1861 and 1871 widow Elizabeth Phillips Rees and her children were living at Dyffryn Broidyn. She died in 1873 and was buried at Rhyd-y-Parc Cemetery. This chapel and cemetery have been abandoned for some time. The witness to her death was a David Evans of Blaennpant, shown in green. The oldest son of James Rees and Elizabeth Phillips Rees was also named James. He, his wife Martha, and family lived at Cilgrymanfach in 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891. This James Phillips was buried in the Baptist Ramoth Chapel Cemetery in Cwm Felin Mynach.

Go back to the earliest known Rees families... Gabriel Rees who died in 1793 in Llanboidy had a son also named Gabriel who became a Baptist minister and is listed as Rev. Gabriel Rees. This Rev. Gabriel Rees "Jr" lived at Panthowell, Trelech and travelled the 15 miles on horseback to Rhydwillym Baptist Chapel, Carmarthenshire from 1789 until his death in 1807. He was buried at the Glandwr Baptist Chapel, Pembrokeshire (Gravestone located between the the two main doors to the Chapel.)

One of Rev Gabriel Rees' sons with his second wife Sarah Thomas was the James Rees who was the father of immigrant Eliza Rees and others and was found living at Panthowell, Trelech as explained above .

Go back to the earliest known Phillips families... James Phillips lived in Waunbwll which is at the very top of the map. His son John Phillips, wife Martha David and family lived in Dyffryn Broidyn, followers-on to the Howells. So by now, that farm has an orange stripe. Their son James Phillips, his wife Phebe Howell, and family lived at Blaentrafle. That suggests that their daughter Elizabeth Phillips who married James Rees and eventually had a daughter Eliza Rees (Picton) was born there. As you may recall, in 1851 Anna Phillips, who may have been Elizabeth Phillips Rees' sister or aunt was living at Dyffryn Broidyn. Children Eliza Rees (Picton) and her brother Richard Rees, who were childten of James Rees and Elizabeth Rees were living with her.

Now go back to the earliest-known Howell families which are related... Rees Howell of Caerlleon married Bariah Howell of Rhydoch. Bariah is definitely an unusual name. One of their daughters was Phebe Howell. Another unusual name. Phebe Howell, probably born at Caerlleon married James Phillips of Blaentrafle on 26 March 1793 in a double wedding in the Llanwinio Parish Church. The other couple was Phebe's sister Mary and James Phillips of Rhydoch in the Llanwinio parish. Mary Howell's James Phillips was the uncle of Phebe Howell's James Phillips. Got that? Oh yes, and at some point early on, the Howells had the farm Dyffryn Broidin, so it has a yellow stripe.

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