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The Shires

Our Picton ancestors lived in two Welsh shires: first in Pembrokeshire and then in Carmarthenshire.

The Parishes Within the Shires

The shires were organized by the area served by the parish churches. The earliest Pictons lived in Newport and Nevern in Pembrokeshire. Jacob Picton was born in the Whitechurch parish and lived there as a young man. He moved to the Llanboidy parish in Carmarthenshire, was married there to Mary Lewis, and had his children there. He and his family later moved to the adjacent Llanwinio parish where Jacob became a miller. Among Jacob and Mary's children was our immigrant ancestor Stephen. His wife-to-be Eliza Rees was apparently born in the Llanfihangel Abercowen parish, she lived with her family in the Trelech parish and then with her widowed mother and siblings in the Llanboidy parish. Eliza Rees Picton's mother Elizabeth Phillips Rees and many of her other Phillips relatives were buried in a Unitarian Cemetery called RhydyParc in the Eglwys Fair a Churig parish. After Stephen and Eliza were married and had their first child, they moved to the St. Clears parish and then to the Llangynin parish. More details below...

The Farms, Villages and Mill in Carmarthenshire

Dyffryn Farm as it is named on current maps - Our earliest Picton ancestor who was living in Carmarthenshire in adulthood was Jacob Picton. He was born on the farm Tyrbwich Eglwyswen (Whitechurch), Pembroke, Wales. He came to the farm Dyffryn Pedrin (also spelled Dyffryn Pwdryn) in Llanboidy Parish owned by his uncle Owen Picton. He and his wife Mary Lewis Picton were living on this farm when all of their nine children were born. A stone in the Baptist Cemetery in Cwm Felin Mynach confirms that they were living there when their first son Thomas was born. They were still living on this farm when their second son named Thomas died in 1843.

Llanboidy - Jacob Picton married Mary Lewis daughter of Thomas Lewis and Mary on 1 Nov 1821 at the parish church St. Brynach, Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire, Wales. As Jacob and Mary's first two children were christened back in the Penygroes and Hebron Independent chapel, Whitechurch, Pembrokshire, there is evidence that the parents were chapel not church. At the time of Jacob and Mary's marriage, all marriages had to take place in the parish church, so these two were married in the parish church in Llanboidy.

The Farms Esgairddeugoed, Wernberni, Bumper -Jacob's wife Mary Lewis, daughter of Thomas and Mary Lewis, was born on the farm Ysgarddangoed, now spelled Esgairddeugoed, in the parish Llanwinio, Wales. Her two oldest siblings were born on the farm Weinberry, now Wernberni. Her third oldest sibling was born on the farm Bwmper, now spelled Bumper. The rest of Mary's siblings were born on the same farm as she: Ysgarddangoed.

The Village Cwn Felin Mynach, Monk's Mill, Ramoth Chapel, Baptist Cemetery - By the 1851 Census Jacob Picton, wife Mary, and family including their son, our immigrant ancestor, Stephen Picton, were living at Monks Mill (Felin Mynach in Welsh) in the the village of Cwm Felin Mynach (Valley of Monk's Mill in English). Mary Lewis Picton, wife of Jacob Picton, and all of her siblings had their births listed at Ramoth Chapel in the village. Jacob died while being the miller at Monk's Mill in Cwm Felin Mynach in 1855 and was buried in the Baptist Cemetery associated with Ramoth Chapel in that village. After husband and father Jacob Picton had died of tuberculosis, wife Mary and children continued working the mill. Stephen Picton married Eliza Rees, daughter of James and Elizabeth Rees, in the Ramoth Chapel in this village. By 1861 Mother Mary and her two last sons Owen and John were at Monk's Mill. Mother Mary Picton died in 1891 and was buried with her husband Jacob and some of their other children in the Baptist cemetery in Cwm Felin Mynach.

Dyffryn Brodyn. Llanboidy parish - Eliza Rees Picton was living with her widowed mother and siblings on this farm when she met Stephen Picton. When she was age 7 in 1841, she was living on this farm with one of here siblings and an Anna Phillips who was obviously related in some yet undetermined way to Eliza's mother. The rest of Eliza's family were living at Panthowell in the Trelech Parish at the time..

The Farms GorsGandrill in the St. Clears District and Troedyrhew in Llangynin Parish - In 1851 Son Stephen Picton wife Eliza Rees Picton and infant daughter Elizabeth went south to the farm GorsGandrill (several spellings), in the St. Clears District. Two sons named Jacob died while they were living on this farm. A stone for them is in the Sion Baptist Church yard in St. Clears. This stone suggests that Sion was their home church where Stephen Picton was noted for his singing. By 1866 Stephen and family were living on nearby farm Troedyrhew, in the parish of Llanginning. They emigrated to Kansas in the US in 1870 - first the father with their oldest daughter and son, then the mother with the nine younger the children.


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