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Brian Picton Swann initiated and manages the Picton DNA Project. He is now the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) Regional Co-ordinator for England & Wales.

After more than 40 - 50 years of persistent paper, map, and photo research into all of the Picton family branches, Brian Picton Swann was one of the first to begin DNA research on a family line.

Swann reports that various Welsh Picton families can be arranged into a number of family groupings, The Northern and Southern branch classification was first used by Francis Green in his pioneering article on the Picton families of Pembrokeshire, The Pictons of Poyston, West Wales Historical Records, Volume X, 1924, which is now available online. Y-Chromosome DNA analysis has the best potential to address the question first posed by Green in his 1924 article namely do these different branches of the Picton surname interconnect?

The NORTHERN BRANCH of the Picton family were of Newport, Nevern, Whitechurch, Meline, Bridell, Llanboidy, Trelech, Penrith, Llanvihangel ar Arth, Llanelly, the USA and elsewhere. This branch has paper documentation back to the 1200's. My Picton ancestors are part of this branch.

The SOUTHERN BRANCH includes Picton of Martletwy, Rudbaxton, Carew, Ewenny and the USA; Picton of Martletwy I, Picton of Martletwy II, Picton of Martletwy III and of the USA; Picton of Freystrop I, Picton of Freystrop II, Picton of Freystrop III, Picton of Freystrop IV and Picton of Burton; Picton of Carew, Llawhaden and Anglesey; Picton of Camrose and Haverfordwest; Picton of Llandissilio, Lampeter Velfry, Llandewi Velfry and Kiffig; Picton of Steynton; Picton of Dale and Marloes; and Picton of Camrose and Roch. All the other fairly numerous Picton families, located in southern Pembrokeshire, tend to come to a halt when being traced backwards in the mid to late 18th century because of the poor survival of parish registers in Pembrokeshire.

This is where DNS testing comes in. Patrilineal surnames are inherited from father to son, just as the Y chromosome in male cells is transferred from one male generation to the next. In 2006 a Picton DNA Project was set up aiming to identify living male Picton descendants of the various branches in West Wales and elsewhere around the globe A small amount of DNA from the swab of the inside of a cheek of a Picton male can substantiate connections beween the various Picton lines. Brian Picton Swann was one of the first to set up, manage, and examine the results of the DNA data. I was privileged to be involved in the discussion and by money donations for the first tests when the project first began. If you are a Picton male and want to find out if and how your family line is connected to the Welsh Pictons, contact Brian Picton Swann by email at bps@norvic8.force9.co.uk.

Please contact me by email: Jeanette@Martin-Froeschner.net

updated March 2015