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FINDING THE IMMIGRANTS! At the very beginning of my research, I found an immigration for a Malthaner in the Wuertemmberg Index. It took finding the same family in Illnois and then in Pennsylvania in US Census records, finding other Mathaners in the same place in Pennsylvania, then giving the various Johann/John Malthaners names like "piano man" and "young J" to keep them separate from the one in our family line, and finally reading the Nordheim and Leonbronn, Wuerttemberg (Germany) microfilms to connect the immigration record with the immigrants in the US.

HE WENT AWAY TO WAR - FINDNG HIM AND HIS WAR RECORD: A note in Helen Marie Filko Ogier's Family Bible held the words "he went away to war and never came back". The he, with no given name, was the father of Katherine Malthaner, born in Canton, Missouri. The war was the Civil War. The Missouri clue lead to George Malthaner's official US war record as a sergeant in the 21st Missouri. For details see the web page for the 21st Missouri. He remained on duty after the war and became a Second Leutenant. He was quite ill with dysentery, as were many Civil War soldiers, and finally released from duty with his Company. He died on the night he returned to St. Louis. Whether he met his family there and where he is buried is not known.

FINDING THE WAR WIDOW: Civil War Pension records gave the name of George Malthaner's wife as Catherine Werner. It gave her sister's name as Mary which explained who young Katherine Malthaner was residing with in Canton, Missouri, in the 1870 Census. It also gave marriage information which lead to Bushkill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania and Catherine Werner's family in 1850.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Theophil Frank Albert "Ted" Froeschner and Shirley Helen Ogier Froeschner for their family history conversations and our most treasured Picture Book of Froeschner Ancestors with exact dates for each ancestor, Helen Marie Filko Ogier who made the war note in her Bible, Violet Ogier Grady who loaned me the Bible to read, and LuAnn Kline for her web pages about Malthaners and Achauers on Ancestry World Tree, a part of Ancestry. com, which took the Malthaners back before the Tobias Malhaner I had found and answered questions about her research and I had shared information about the Johannes/John Malthaner in our line that she did not know - all by email, and Harry C. Werner who submitted information to the Ancestral file which allowed me to connect George Malthaner's wife Catherine to her Werner ancestors.

QUESTIONS: Did George Malthaner meet his family before he died? Where was he buried? George's widow Catherine married a Charles Sohn in Quincy, Illinois. When and where did Catherine Werner Malthaner Sohn die? Who was the Barney Giese who was the first husband of Katherine Malthaner? Was he the elderly Barney Giese who was age 50 and married at the time according to the 1880 Census for Canton, Missouri? Or perhaps Katherine's husband was this Barney Giese's son with the same name? When and where did Johann Jacob Malthaner, born on 25 July 1827 in Nordheim,Wuerttemberg and registered to emmigrate with his parents Johnannes and Catherine Malthaner die? What happened to Amelius Malthaner, son of the same Johnannes/John and Catherine Malthaner?

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last research 27 November 2005