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BEGINNING OF RESEARCH: I did not know the surname Loux when I started research. I knew only about the surname Landis, the line of the husband of Elizabeth Loux. And that Landises were supposed to have been Pennsylvania Dutch, which meant of German, not Dutch, descent.

DISCOVERING THE IMMIGRANT: Only years after my college summer as a counselor in a Girl Scout camp in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, did I learn that my ancestor Louxes existed and lived in Bucks County. Two women Dorothy (Freeman) Landis and Edna M. Loux printed their research which said that the family were French Hugonots and ended up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Edna's detailed book said that "Immigrant, Peter Laux, arrived at Philadelphia, September 16, 1748". I will determine how to obtain Edna M. Loux's book, Loux Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

SPELLING THE NAME: According to Edna M. Loux, the name was "du Laux" in France. Persecution sent the Hugonots to the Palantine, Germany and on to the US. The surname was originally spelled "Laux" in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.. Apparently sometime in the Civil War, it was changed to "Loux". At least one family line spelled it "Loucks" or "Locks". This last change makes me wonder if the name had been pronounced "locks" instead of the more French pronunciation "loo".

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Dorothy (Freeman) Landis who compiled Peter L. Landis History from 1841 to the present time and named the mother of Peter Landis as Elizabeth Loux of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and lead my research to Bucks County and the Bucks County Historical Society which lead on to Edna M. Loux who was just completing her 300+ page book on the Loux Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and helped me sort out how the Loux families I was finding in census records were actually related.

QUESTIONS: Has the immigrant ancestor John Peter Laux, who apparently went by Peter after he came to the US, been found in Germany? He was supposed to have been born in Munster. Where was the mother Elizabeth (Loux) Landis living after the death of her husband Joseph Landis in 1862?

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last research 12 November 2005