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BEGINNING OF RESEARCH: I knew only that the Landis line was supposed to have been Pennsylvania Dutch, which meant of German, not Dutch, descent. Only twenty something years after my college summer as a counselor in a Girl Scout camp in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, did I learn that my ancestor Landises had lived in Bucks County, as did the Loux ancestors. The eye opener was the booklet about Peter Landis that I discovered at my parents' house.

SEARCHING FOR THE IMMIGRANTS: The Landises can be traced back to 1488 in Hirzel, Switzerland, according to information from the Lancaster Mennonite Conference Historical Society. Because of religious persecution, they moved to Germany. There the spelling of the name was changed to Landis. Two lines of Landeses lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but I have not been able to connect to them. The first line involved the three brothers, John, Benjamin, and Felix came to the US in 1717. John settled in Milford Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and became the patriarch of the branch settling in Bucks, Northampton, and Montgomery Counties. There were Abraham and Rudolph Landes families of Bucks County and who went to Elkhart, Indiana. They may be related. Although my Joseph M. Landes's son Peter L. went to Elkhart, Indiana, for four years, I could not connect him with the Abraham and Rudolph families living there. So I wait and hope someone who knows will see this web page.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Dorothy (Freeman) Landis who compiled and printed Peter L. Landis History from 1841 to the present time and named the parents of Peter and his brother Samuel and lead my research to Bucks County, Donald William Martin, my dad, who sent me a copy of the Peter Landis booklet when I started serious family history research, the Bucks County Historical Society which lead to Edna M. Loux who confirmed that Joseph Landes family I had found was correct, knew about the marriages of the children, went to the Line Lexington Cemetery I had found.

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