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HUNGARIAN DESCENT AND NAME SHORTENED: Filkohazi descendants in th US knew that the family had immigrated from Hungary. The exact "where" in Hungary was not known. As with many immigrant families, the Hungarian surname Filkohazi was shortened by some to Filko in the US.

HOW TO SAY MUCSONY: Mucsony is a Rusyn word. Rusyn, not Russian. And the village name is not pronounced like it looks in American English, "muck-SOWN-ee". Say the word somewhere between "MOO-shahn" and "MOO-chahn". Mucsony (say MOO-chahn) is one of two villages in Hungary where Rusyn is still spoken.

FINDING THE IMMIGRANTS! A happenstance meeting of Mihaly/Michael Filkohazi's grandson Don Ogier with a couple going to the mining region of Hungary lead to tracing the ancestors to Mucsony ("MOO-chahn"), Hungary. Three brothers, György, Jànos, and our Mihàly Filkohàzi were born in Mucsony and had brought their families to the US. Gyorgy (George) and Janos (John) returned to Hungary with their families, but Mihaly (known as Michael and Mike in the US) and his family stayed. After finding the hometown, letters were received from from Zòltan Filkohàzi, great grandson of Janos, and communication was re-established with Hungary.

NEW: A connection with Zoltan Filkohazi has been made. The ships on which the three brother came, the ship on which Janos' wife and small son Lukacs came, and a census record showing Janos/John and family in 1910 may have been discovered. The residence of the immigrants was listed as Mucsony, but the birth years calculated for the brothers was not what has been reported by family members. Family descendants, census records, and his tombstone say that Mihaly was born in 1869, but the calculated year from immigration record is 1876. Zoltan reports that Janos was born in 1876, but the calculated year from the immigration record is 1879. The immigration record lists Gyorgi's birth year as 1872. Since I do not have a birth year for him, the Gyorgi in the immigration record can certainly be one of the brothers and also the one listed in the Questions below. In the photo of the three brothers, Mihaly looks like he is the youngest. So, ordering the Mucsony microfilm from the LDS Library, although I know not a word of Hungarian, seems more and more necessary.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Theophil Frank Albert "Ted" Froeschner and Shirley Helen Ogier Froeschner for family history conversations and our real treasure the Picture Book of Froeschner Ancestors with exact dates for each ancestor, Susan O'Brien who wrote up her interview with her grandmother Helen Filko Ogier, Mary O'Brien who sent me Susan's interview and other documents, Don Ogier whose conversation lead to the discovery of Mucsony as the birthplace, Filkohazi Zoltan (surames come first in Hungary) who sent family information, Julia Filkohazi Robertson, who made a trip to Mucsony and shared her trip, and Father Andrew O'Conner, who made a trip to Mucsony, found actual records in the Greek church in Mucsony, and shared his trip.

QUESTIONS: Does anyone have information about John Filkohazi of New Brunswick, New Jersey, his wife Elsie Rektor and their children including Joanne Filkohazi (1942-2001) and seven other daughters? I have received a query from their descendants and would like to help.

Is the Gyorgy Filkohazi (12 July 1872, Hungary - 1931), the husband of Julia Pincsak, (5 Feb 1875, Mucsony, Hungary - 28 Feb 1949, Borsod, Megye, Hungary) the same person as the Gyorgy/ George Filkohazi who was the brother of Mihaly/Michael Filkohazi of Mucsony? Was the Mary Filkohazy who married Andrew Perenyi, born Andros Pincsak (5 Jun 1883, Múcsony, Hungary - 14 Jun 1965, Homestead, PA) a daughter of Gyorgi Filkohazi who was Mihaly's brother?

What is the current address for Father Andrew O'Conner? What is the information about the immigration ships for the Mihaly/Michael's and Gyorgy/George's wives and families? Does anyone know the parents, birthdate and place for Michael Filkohazi / Mike Filko's wife Mary Mahalko? They were married in Mucsony, Hungary and the "mothers mothers mothers" line is very interesting to me.

Please contact me by email: Jeanette@Martin-Froeschner.net

updated 15 February 2008