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FINDING THE IMMIGRANTS! An early German record in St. Peter's Church in St. Louis, Missouri was the lead to tracing the immigrants. As parents of their first child Johanne Louise in 1852, "Casper Heinr. Bleikamp" and " Anna Marie Elsabin Treckschmidt" were listed as "beide aus Enger, Krs. Herford, Preussen", both of the village of Enger, County Herford, Prussia. Searching the microfilm in the LDS Library for Enger, Germany, revealed the marriage of Casper Bleikamp and Anna Marie Drechschmidt, gave their birth places, and parents' names - as good German records do.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Theophil Frank Albert "Ted" Froeschner and Shirley Helen Ogier Froeschner whose conversations for conversations about ancestors and our most treasured Picture Book of Froeschner Ancestors with exact dates for each ancestor, Gayle Schfluetzel who shared her detailed notes from her Aunt Elsie Rocklage and her own research, and Marie Getty for her early Rocklage research which was passed on by Gayle.

QUESTIONS: The marriage record for Anna Marie Drechschmidt lists the mother as "Anne Catherine Dreckschmidt" and the father as is "Hermann Heinr. Wipperfleg Colon. Dreckschmidt". It appears that both parents had the same surname. And that the father was as colonist from far away (Wipperfleg?) and thus not a close relation. Does anyone have information about this couple and their ancestors?

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updated 25 November 2005