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SEARCHING FOR THE PLACE OF IMMIGRATION! The place where Anna Brüne Rocklage lived in Germany still remains unsolved. In addition to her children, a Wilhelm Brüne of Osterweg no. 12 in Germany was listed in her will.

Her death certificate lists the name of her father as William Brune and no name for her mother.

Also, the St. John's Church birth/christening record for her child Clara gave the name of the village for her husband. But there was no village listed for Anna. Why? Was she Catholic and not christened in a Protestant church like St. John's? Did the minister ask the father for the village, but he didn't know?

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Theophil Frank Albert "Ted" Froeschner and Shirley Helen Ogier Froeschner for their conversations about ancestors and creating our best treasure, the Picture Book of Froeschner Ancestors with exact dates for each ancestor, Gayle Schfluetzel who shared her extensive research and included a copy of the persons listed in Anna Brune Rocklage's will, and Marie Getty who found many Brunes in her early research.

QUESTIONS: Does anyone have clues that can lead to the birth place and parents of Anna Brune Rocklage? Did Anna Brune Rocklage know her husband before she immigrated? Why was Anna married in a civil ceremony instead of a church, and her children christened in a church? And why was her home village missing from the birth/christening record for her child Clara?

A Wilhelm Brüne and his family were located in Osterweg no. 12 in a house record, but no birth/marriage listing for Wilhelm found in the parish record there. The house at no. 12 had family members, either male or female, named Heiner for many generations. The entry for Wilhelm Brüne started with a date "15.1.1883" 15 January 1883 and listed a male name, the father, "Brüne gen Heiner, Heinr. Wilhelm" and a female, the mother, "Bussman, Luisa Kather. (v Pech.9)" which meant that the wife was from Pecheloh, house number 9. This was followed by "(7 Geb.)", which means that there were seven children geboren / born. Since Wilhelm's surname was listed as "Brüne gen Heiner", it seems that he somehow held the Heiner name as well. Was this his mother's name? And the big question: was this Wilhelm Brüne of Oesterweg No. 12, the brother of Anna Brüne Rocklage?

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updated 15 November 2005