Home Site Notes

HOME PAGE: Scroll over the pictures on the home page to see the names. Click on the pictures to connect to see details about the persons as listed in the Martin and Froeschner pedigree charts.

PEDIGREES: View Martin Pedigree and the Froeshner Pedigrees to see how far back the various family lines are now known. You can also reach the beginning of the Pedigrees by clicking on the links in the red or blue boxes.

DESCENDANTS: Each of the surnames on the descendant links has a Descendant Home Page. The Descendant Home page gives some of the flavor and tasks involved in the research. And the help that made the results possible. To make it easier for persons in our family lines, I have colored the names of our descendants in red. I am also considering adding the tiny pictures for the Descendant Pages.

PREPARING THE PAGES: The Ancestors, Surname List, and Name List linked to the Martin and Froeschner Pedigree Pages and the Descendants, Surname List, and Name List linked on each Descendant page were produced by Personal Ancestral File, a product of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then edited and extended by me to add further information.

I am starting with words for the pedigree and descendant pages. Now that the written information is online, I am beginning to add pictures.

Please contact me by email: Jeanette@Martin-Froeschner.net