Home Information about Living Persons

The main purpose of this website is to communicate with the living descendants of these familes and to trade information.

For privacy reasons, names or information about children or underage young adults will never be shown. Deciding how many generations to include on this public has been a difficult decision. At this point, I am using the release of US Census records as my guide. The latest Census available to the public is 1930. And so I have included descendant generations to those persons whose births were 1930 or before. And to include names only for any of these who are still living.

Hopefully, the information included on this public web site allow identifying your family line.

I would like your input on showing information about adult living persons. I could list names only with no extra information. Any one who does not want their name shown could contact me. I can replace names with "Living". But I detest "Living" and "Living" had a child called "Living". Perhaps I could use some sort of shortened form of the name so it could not be easily identified.

I am very interested in adding living persons to my personal family history file. Please send me additions and rest assured that I will not release them to anyone who is not a bonifide family member. However, if you are a family member, I will find a way to make living person information available to you.

Please contact me by email: Jeanette@Martin-Froeschner.net